Wedding Day Hacks

There's no doubt that any bride-to-be feels immense pressure to make her wedding the best day of her life -- but that doesn't mean it has to be stressful. Your wedding day will be smooth sailing if you follow these hacks and tips. We promise!


You should focus your thoughts on how happy you will be and spend the entire night eating delicious food, dancing, and toasting with family and friends, rather than worrying about whether your guests are happy, if your caterer arrived on time, or if your heels will sink into the ground and cause you to trip. It is absolutely possible to make this dream a reality with our handy tidbits roundup. You should take into consideration some of the most useful and practical wedding hacks to make your life easier!


Michelle's Bridal Bride - Photo by JNAvisuals LLC



Make Sure You Break in Your Wedding-day Shoes


Wearing a brand new pair of shoes for a long period of time can be seriously painful without the proper preparation. Take some time to break in your new heels before the big day if you bought them for the wedding. Make sure your feet are snug and comfortable by wearing them around the house, stretching them out with socks, or using the hairdryer. You can also prevent slippage by rubbing sandpaper on the base of your heels!



Use These Hacks To Remove Stains


Got deodorant marks on your bridesmaids dresses, groom’s tux, or something else? These can be removed with baby wipes! And red wine stains can be removed with white wine. During photo sessions, use duct tape to clean your wedding dress if it gets dirty.



Make a Wedding Day Emergency Kit


If your veil sticks to your face or/and wedding dress, spray hairspray (sparingly) on it to prevent this. To keep your feet fresh throughout the day, sprinkle unscented talcum powder in your shoes (especially high heels). When you're in a pinch, you can use loose face powder instead of dry shampoo. When applied to long bridesmaid dresses, hairspray can act as a static cling. You should also bring allergy meds and ask the wedding party to take a low-dose allergy pill on the wedding day. Whether it's makeup, pollen, or food, you never know when you'll get an allergic reaction!



Invest in a Mosquito-Repelling Perfume



Photo by Luwadlin Bosman on Unsplash


Are you having an outdoor wedding? There are perfumes that double as insect repellents (they exist! ), such as Aromaflage. Bugs will stay away, and you'll smell amazing all night long. Fun fact: the Victoria's Secret Bombshell perfume smells incredible and also repels mosquitoes!



Keep Your Heels From Sinking Into the Grass by Using High Heel Attachments


Keep your heels from sinking into grass during an outdoor wedding by wearing high heel attachments. Walking down the aisle on a wobbly foot is the worst. You might want to put a basket out for your guests while you're at it.



Invite Guests To Write Their Addresses on Postcards at the Wedding



Photo by Becky Phan on Unsplash


Guests should write their addresses on postcards. By avoiding postage and writing addresses for "thank you" notes, you will save time and money. A win-win situation!



Don’t Forget to Stash Some Lipstick on Your Table


You can apply lipstick without going back to the bridal suite if you stash it under your napkin.



Make Sure You Have Time To Eat


In order to avoid feeling hungry after the reception, ask your caterer to pack a to-go bag for you and your spouse. If you don't want to fill your champagne bottle completely with ice, fill a bucket with enough ice and water so that it slushes around. It takes about five minutes for the cold water to chill faster than ice alone.

We hope these wedding day hacks help you out! Do you still need to find the perfect wedding gown? Book your appointment with us at Michelle’s Bridal & Tuxedo today!