Using Social Media to Find Wedding Style Inspiration

Using Social Media to Find Wedding Style Inspiration


Planning to reach your wedding #goals? While social media has its own disadvantages, this Brides article about social media and relationships states that it can be beneficial for getting fresh wedding inspiration. By learning how to use these platforms properly, you can even strengthen your relationship with your partner and find the right style for your wedding!


While you certainly won’t run out of choices on social media platforms, it can be overwhelming to navigate through multiple accounts and posts. So if you want to find the right inspiration for your dream wedding, these are the tips you should follow:


Peek at the accounts of wedding designers


It’s okay if you don’t have any ideas yet! You can start your search by looking at accounts from experienced wedding vendors that you want to work with.


To illustrate, our guide to ‘2022 Wedding Collections’ features designer Essense of Australia, who's an expert in creating gowns with classic silhouettes and sleek designs. Meanwhile, fans of dresses with more elaborate beadwork can take a look at Maggie Sottero’s account who has mastered the art of adding shimmer and beading to bridal gowns.


Narrow down your choices using hashtags


Once you've taken a look at some inspiring wedding designers, you can look into the styles that you liked using specific hashtags.


Wedding vendors and content creators use hashtags to boost their posts about specific aesthetics on social media. So if you want to find similar or niche wedding styles, AskMoney recommends finding inspiration through hashtags on Instagram, like #weddingdress or #brides. Hashtags will direct you to images from related aesthetics, allowing you to narrow down your inspiration for your big day.


Use the location keywords for themed styles


Thinking of doing a themed wedding? You can use venue-related keywords to look for style inspiration for specific themes on Instagram.


Aside from looking at profiles and hashtags, Social Media Today states that location tags on Instagram are a great way to find wedding inspiration for venues on a beach, in a garden, or even in a rented hall. You can also type in general keywords that are related to the style of your dream venue so that you can recreate the posts that you liked.


Browse through various wedding mood boards


You can find leads for your entire wedding by looking into other couples’ wedding mood boards. These finished mood boards are already curated, so you only need to change a few things to make it more personalized.


To start, The Wed suggests checking out Pinterest if you want to access ready-made inspiration boards for a certain aesthetic. Those who want a more artistic take on weddings can browse through Tumblr, and add these wedding style inspirations into a personal account on the blogging platform.


Couples love to share pictures of their big day on social media, which is why you'll find a wealth of style inspiration on these platforms. Simply follow these recommended steps, and you'll find enough inspo for your special day in no time at all.