Tips for Finding Your Perfect Mother of the Bride Dress

While you’re excited about your daughter’s wedding, it’s perfectly normal to be nervous about choosing a dress for the occasion. After all, you’re choosing a gown to celebrate your daughter’s marriage in, and want to find something that makes you shine without stealing the spotlight from your daughter—it’s a tough line to walk! For mothers searching for the right evening gown, here are our best tips for finding the perfect Mother of the Bride (or Groom!) dress for you:



Ask Your Daughter


Before you start shopping, ask your daughter if she has any preferences for your dress. Most of the time, she’s going to just want you to wear what makes you feel best, but some brides have opinions on color or style. If you’re still unsure, bring her along to your appointment so you know you’re both happy with your choice! Ultimately, the decision comes down to you, but you’ll want something that fits the overall tone of her wedding.



No Need to Match the Bridal Party


Unless the bride specifically asks you to, there’s no need to match the bridal party perfectly. Find a dress that will look good with the colors in photos, but don’t feel like you need something that fully matches. For example, if the bride’s chosen light blue for her bridesmaids, you may want to opt for navy or champagne. If she’s chosen red, a silver or pink dress would look lovely. Consider what will look nice in pictures without clashing!



Don’t Be Afraid to Go Bold!


Often, when you hear “Mother of the Bride,” you automatically think of a more conservative, lace sheath. If that fits your personal style, perfect! But if not, you’re totally free to choose something stylish and modern—today’s mothers aren’t boxed in by one particular look or color. Find something that you love and will look back on fondly!



Communicate with the Mother of the Groom


Traditionally, the Mother of the Bride chooses her dress first, then the Mother of the Groom picks. While there’s no need to hold fast to this tradition, you should communicate with her on what she’s wearing—you don’t want to show up wearing the same color (unless the bride wants you to) or even the same dress. Coordinate on dresses that will look good together!

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