How To: Maid of Honor Duties

Aug 30, 2021

So, your best friend asked you to be Maid of Honor! It’s an important job, and requires a bit more work on your end than a typical bridesmaid. You’ll be in charge of helping the bride with a wide range of things, so if you’re wondering what to expect, we’re breaking down all the different duties the Maid of Honor typically has. 



One of the most important parts of being Maid of Honor is planning the bachelorette party. We recommend that you coordinate not only with the bride’s wishes, but with the entire group—start a group chat with the bridesmaids once you know who all will be in the bridal party so you can begin coordinating. Get available dates from the bride, and send the bridesmaids a poll to pick the weekend that works best for everyone. 

Communicating with Guests


While the bride’s planning the wedding, plenty of guests will have questions about everything from dress code to accommodations and everything in between. The bride has enough on her plate, so you can take some of the stress off of her by being a point of contact for guests with questions!



As Maid of Honor, you’ll be expected to give a speech at the wedding to toast the couple. Your speech doesn’t need to be fully planned (although, if you’re a nervous public speaker, it may be a good idea to rehearse once or twice). Prepare at least a few talking points—a nice memory with the bride, when you knew the couple would get married, and how happy you are for them are always great points to include. 

Keep it Fun


As Maid of Honor, you’ll likely help the bride with different aspects of wedding planning, from dress shopping to helping DIY wedding decor, but it’s important to help keep the bride’s stress low! After all, you’re best friends, so keeping planning fun and low stress is something you’ll be naturally great at.