How to Choose the Right Tux Color

It’s easy to get so caught up in finding your perfect wedding dress that you forget you need to find something amazing for your groom, too. Choosing the right suit or tux color is just as important as finding a great bridesmaid dress: all the men in your wedding will be wearing it, so it sets an overall tone in photos and up at the altar. You want to find something that compliments your venue and dress perfectly, so it’s important to choose the right color. Not sure where to start? Here are a few of our favorite tux colors and when you should choose them:





Neutral and light, grey looks great on everyone, so you won’t hear any complaints from the groom or groomsmen! Grey is also a great universal color, and goes well with any season, but we especially love it for winter and fall weddings. The cool tone pairs well with cool weather, and the lighter color makes it an excellent choice for more laid-back, easygoing outdoor ceremonies.





If you love the classic black tux but want something a bit different, navy blue is perfect. You still get the dark, goes-with-everything look of black, but with a slightly brighter, modern look. We love this color for spring weddings or as a perfect complement to brightly colored bridal parties, setting a gorgeous base tone for warm color schemes.





Much like grey, khaki is a lighter toned neutral that looks amazing with everything, and works especially well with outdoor ceremonies. If you’re planning a beach wedding, a boho summer ceremony, or a garden wedding in spring, khaki might be the perfect color to match the overall tone of your wedding.


Emerald Green



A newer trend, some boho brides have been opting for deep emerald green tuxedos. Much like navy, deep green gives you the dark look of black, but this unexpected color adds a unique twist to your wedding. If you’re not sure about committing to green for the entire bridal party, you can easily just do a green jacket on the groom to make him stand out.





It’s impossible to go wrong with black: traditional and classic, it looks good with every color palette and at any time of year. We especially love this choice for more traditional ceremonies: think church weddings, ball rooms, and other classic wedding venues that just look amazing with a traditional black tux to give the perfect black tie formal look. 

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