Bridal Makeup Trends for 2021

While your dress is the main part of your wedding day look, by no means is it all of it—you still have your accessories, hair, and makeup to coordinate to create one final, glowing bridal look to make you feel confident on your wedding day. While the final choices are all up to you, if you’re looking for your perfect makeup look and aren’t sure where to start, here are a few of our favorite 2021 bridal makeup trends to inspire you: 

Subtle Vintage Glamour



Often, we hear brides tell us they’re really wanting to look like themselves on their wedding day. While they’re usually referring to us helping them find a dress to suit their style, it’s apparent in the latest bridal makeup trends that women are loving simple, subtle looks that bring out their best features. Classic, glamorous looks like this one are becoming a staple in bridal makeup: a simple nude lip, lush eyelashes, defined cheekbones, and a soft touch of eyeliner that simply highlight your best features is the perfect radiant, glowing look for your wedding day. 

Soft Winged Liner



While we love the classic black winged eyeliner, lately we’ve been seeing brides opting for a softer, smoked out wing for their wedding day. This look still gives you all the edge of a classic black wing, and still gives your eyes that wide, elongated look you’re going for, but with a softer, more subtle look. Perfect for women who love to have their eyes stand out, this is a perfect natural-but-cool makeup look for edgy brides. 

Red Lips



The red lip has been a classic makeup look for years, but it has slowly been making waves in bridal fashion. While most brides tend to opt for neutral, classic looks, the red lip still gives you that classic style but with a bold pop. We love the idea of swiping on a bold lip between the ceremony and reception: you’ll get the thrill of switching up your look without all the expense of purchasing two gowns. Plus, this can add a fun element to your wedding day look perfect for the celebratory attitude of your reception!