Bridal Hair Trends for 2021

Finding the right hairstyle for your wedding is important. You’re looking for something that will frame your face perfectly, work with any hair accessories you’ve chosen, and fit your personal aesthetic. If you’re still unsure how you’re going to style your hair on your wedding day, why not get inspired with some of 2021’s top bridal trends? Check out some of our favorite hairstyles from this year’s stunning trends below, and you just might find the perfect style you’ve been searching for: 

Understated Updo



If you’re looking to pull all of your hair out of your face, we love a classic, low updo style that will keep your hair out of your face while looking perfect. This style is perfect if you don’t want to worry about your hair at all, want something timeless, and are looking for something that will pair perfectly with your veil. 




While a ponytail may not be your first instinct when considering bridal hairstyles, we love that the formal pony is becoming a popular choice among brides. Just look how regal this bride looks with hers: cascading curls, a few well-placed twists, and a stunning tiara combine to create the perfect bridal hairstyle for a woman who loves a statement. 

Glamorous Curls



If you love old Hollywood glamour, you’ll love this stunning style. Classic, voluminous curls give your dress a timeless glamour, and you can still place your veil over the style. Perfect for girls who love having their hair down, this is a great way to take your everyday look to the next level for your wedding day. 




For boho brides, we love this simple, effortless look. Keeping your natural hair gives your wedding the perfect touch—you’ll look like yourself, and you’ll have a gorgeous texture to work with. Natural hair also carries statement earrings perfectly, making this an excellent choice for brides who want to add jewelry to their look.