How to have a Simple, but still Chic Wedding Bouquet

How to have a Simple, but still Chic Wedding Bouquet. Mobile Image

Jun 05, 2020

Todays blog post is all about the beauty of a simple, yet chic wedding bouquet. From roses to hydrangea, peonies to lilies, there are so many different flowers to choose from. So, where to start? First, think of your color palette. That might seem like an obvious first step but consider choosing only one of your colors to highlight in your bouquet to keep things simple and clean. Another thing to consider is size, how big do you want your bouquet to be? Next, shape. Are you the kind of boho bride who likes a loose, hand gathered arrangement, or do you prefer structure? Any way you go, there are so many ways to go simple and chic with your wedding bouquet!

Simple Color Palette

We love the idea of picking one color, be it purple, pink, yellow, white or green, and creating a bouquet from its hues. Choose one or two of your wedding colors and pick varying tones from the same color palette to create a bouquet that has depth, but also doesnt distract from your dress or decor.

Blushing Bouquet

Blush is quickly becoming a classic for weddings. Traditional roses, pink peonies, and lovely ranunculus flowers are making a case for this pretty floral arrangement. Add a couple eucalyptus stems for some movement.

Babys Breath

Babys breath is a classic wedding flower and has been for a very long time. If you want to keep things traditional, add this simple flower to a bouquet of pink roses for a classic style bouquet.

Pretty Peonies

Were fools in love for peonies any time of year but for weddings, it continues to make our favorites list of the chicest bouquets around. Choose different varieties of peonies for more texture and volume. You can also keep all the peonies in the same color tones or go with pastels for a cohesive look.

A Jewel Toned Arrangement

Jewel tones have been on trend for a couple seasons now and what better way to incorporate this trend than through your wedding bouquet! Were really crushing on this bouquet filled with deep burgundy tones mixed with soft greens and white and accented by lush pinks.

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