How to Help Your Groom Find his Wedding Day Look

How to Help Your Groom Find his Wedding Day Look. Mobile Image

May 26, 2020

Our Tuxedo Manager, Kayla is sharing some essential tips for helping your groom find just the right style for the big day. She says, choosing wedding day attire for your groom can be challenging, especially if your fiancé is not exactly hung up on the details. With a little patience and a few tips, dressing the groom can be a piece of (wedding) cake!

1. Set the tone for your wedding

At the very least, be sure that youre choosing his look with your day in mind. Consider the venue, formality and vibe of your event.

2. Keep your dress in mind

It might seem obvious but be sure to mimic your bridal style when choosing his look. Your wedding is a great opportunity to express your style as a couple. You dont have to show him your dress but opt for a similar style to your own.

3. Account for the weather

There is nothing worse than being uncomfortable on the most important day of your life. Think about how hell feel on the big day and choose a look that will make him feel comfortable and confident.

4. Can he wear it again?

If youre on a budget and considering something a bit more laid-back than a tux, go with a suit your groom can keep in his closet for years to come. While it may not be appropriate to wear your wedding dress again your man can recycle something smart for a ton of different occasions.

5. Have fun!

Weddings can be stressful and sometimes it feels like every detail needs to be perfect. Its important to remember the minor stuff wont matter in 50 years. Try to remember that youre marrying your best friend and have fun with this season of your life. Everything will fall into place!

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