Bridal Self-Care Rituals You Can Do At Home

Bridal Self-Care Rituals You Can Do At Home. Mobile Image

May 11, 2020

We know not every bride can schedule a weekly massage or make it to yoga every morning (cheers to those who can!), so we decided to share four of our favorite and EASY rituals that you can do at home. While planning a wedding is so exciting, it can also be stressful. Stress can cause dry skin, dark circles, bloating and overwhelm your mind and just reading a list of how stress can impact our bodies stressed us out even more. So at Michelles Bridal were sharing our favorite ways to help combat stress!

1. Turn Up Your Hydration Game

Water is your best friend when trying to hydrate. It is recommended for women to have about 3 liters of water every day. Proper hydration keeps your skin plump and glowing, it fights muscle fatigue, water helps your kidney get rid of toxins, and keeps your bowels working (bye bye bloating).

2. Spoil Your Skin with a Face Mask

Face masks seem like they can solve all the worlds problems! But really, there is something that makes you feel on top of that to-do list when you put on a face mask. You can always grab a sheet mask off of Sephora or Amazon. Weve also found some at-home remedies that you can find in your own pantry. Honey has become one of our FAVORITE ingredients. There are so many skincare benefits from honey. Honey is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and gently nurturing. The low pH balance means that bacteria cant survive which translates to an environment where acne is a thing of the past! Its moisturizing, its great for sensitive skin, and its probably in your pantry!

Our Favorites:

Hydrating Honey Masks DIY Facials  A Mask for Every Skin Type

3. Beauty Sleep is Real

We all know a good nights rest is important and beneficial to the mind, body, and soul. But youre planning a wedding so your body and soul may be ready to call it a day, but your mind could have other plans. Here are our favorite ways to unwind and help you catch those zzzzs! Stick to the Rules
  1. Your bed is only for sleeping
  2. Keep your room temperature cool and dark
  3. Avoid screens 1-2 hours before bedtime to prepare your brain and eyes to rest
Stay Calm  Guided breathing, meditation, and yoga flows are great to help you prep for bed!
Our favorites:
Headspace for guided meditation Yoga with Adriene-for bedtime yoga flow

4. Be Present. Be Grateful.

Gratitude helps you pinpoint the goodness in your life. We all know that wedding planning comes with both expected and unexpected stresses. At the end of the day, youre preparing to spend you life with your person. Call on gratitude to refocus on what you have and where you are, rather than what you lack. There are several ways to practice gratitude on a daily basis. We wont lie- it can be hard. But it gets easier with time.
Our favorite ways to focus on gratitude:
-Make a list of what youre thankful for at the end of every week -Take some quiet time in the morning to journal -Send thank you notes -Pray or meditate

Now, one more deep breath you got this.