How To Have The Best Wedding Day Ever

How To Have The Best Wedding Day Ever

How To Have The Best Wedding Day Ever. Mobile Image

May 23, 2016

You have been planning this day forever. You have taken care of every detail. You have stressed out. Then you have planned some more. Finally, your wedding day has arrived. But now that it is here how can you relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor? Here are some tips on getting the most out of your big day:


1) Allow enough time for yourself: Don't start your day too early. Allow time for sleeping in and relaxing. Take a nice long bath or shower, and have a cup of your favorite coffee. The day will go by so fast anyway, don't be in a rush to get anywhere. Know how long it will take to do your hair and make up, and schedule your stylists arrival or salon appointment accordingly. If you're doing your hair and/or makeup yourself, practice your look beforehand so you're not feeling rushed, or trying to figure out your color palette the day of. Do nails and toes a few days before so you're not over-loaded with appointments the day of. Giving yourself time to relax in the morning will set the tone for a clam, enjoyable day. 2) Don't forget to eat: If your feeling jittery, you might have forgotten to eat something? The last thing you want is a fainting Bride or Bridesmaid, so allow time to eat. Finger foods that are not too messy (avoid greasy fingers on the dresses!) are great for for munching on while you're getting ready and throughout the day. Photo ©Artistrie Co. 3) Create ambiance: Whether you're spending your morning alone, with your mom, or with a group of your sorority sisters, create an easy, fun ambiance in which to get ready. Prepare a playlist filled with your favorite songs to listen to throughout the morning. Music has a way of keeping you calm, occupied, and having fun with your girlfriends. Having a bit of champagne or a mimosa might be a great treat and help you relax, but go easy on the alcohol before the ceremony. The effects tend to be less relaxing and more frazzling overall. Remember, it's a long day. 4) Delegate: Have someone else handle all of the vendors and set up details. Have a list of those vendors and arrival times for your delegate. Give your go-to persons number to the wedding planner (if you have one) and to all vendors in case of an emergency. Choose someone you can trust to make last minute, level headed decisions for you without having to ask you. Even if you've made all of the arrangements yourself up until now, you can't be bothered with questions today. rain_e1 Photo ©Mark Romine Photography 5) Let it go: Inevitably, there will be something that goes wrong. But with the right people around you, you may not even know. And even if you do know, with the right attitude, the little hiccups will not take the place of all the magical events unfolding around you. You can't change the weather. You can't micro manage every vendors day-of schedule. And you're wedding doesn't have to be a living Pinterest board in order to be perfect. No one is coming for the cake. Or to see the centerpieces. They don't care if something goes wrong, and you shouldn't either. anne_e1 Photo ©Mark Romine Photography 6) Don't forget why you are here: Don't loose site of the reason you have gathered everyone here today. At the end of the day, you'll be married to the love of your life. So above all else, don't forget to smile and enjoy every last moment. Have the best wedding day. ever.