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Mother's Event Coming Soon

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Apr 13, 2016

Michelle's Bridal and Tuxedo has been outfitting Brides and bridal parties in the Champaign-Urbana area for over 30 years. We've become experts on dressing men and women for all occasions, and we are pretty good at it. Everyone from the bride to the long-lost cousins twice removed wants to look their best for the big day. We can help. Michelle's Bridal and Tuxedo is honored to carry designers gowns for the other outstanding, and often over-looked members of the wedding party; Mothers (and Step-Mothers, Grandmothers, and Aunties, and...well, you get the idea.) Here is a look at some of our favorite gowns for your other special ladies by designers Jade, Jade Couture and Jasmine Black Label and why we love them: fabric_1 Jade J185002 (left) Jade J185014 (upper right) Jade Couture K188001 (lower right) Fabrics: Jade and Jade Couture offer some of the most beautiful and unusual fabrics found in the bridal industry today. Because these gowns are produced by Jasmine Bridal, an award-winning bridal gown company, they are able to offer elegant chiffons, crepes, satins and lace that are not only stunning to look at but are also of the highest quality and craftsmanship, like their bridal gowns. variety_1 Jade J185008 (upper left) Jasmine Black Label M180007 (lower left) Jade Couture K188006 (right) Variety: Because there is such a wide variety of women who need formal attire for weddings and special occasions, Jasmine Bridals produces three very unique lines to accommodate everyone. From black tie formal and sequined, to modest gowns designed to suite even Grandma's taste. Jade, Jade Couture and Jasmine Black Label offers the perfect balance for every member of your family. color_1 Jade J185012 (left) Jade Couture K188002 (upper right) Jade Couture K188007 (lower right) Colors: When it comes to choosing a color, many Mothers have said they were afraid of standing out. We say "what's wrong with standing out?" Colors like black and beige are always popular choices of course, but these amazing gowns are available in many choices of colors, so do not be afraid to take a look at something more bold. Complimenting wedding party colors is always a good option and with Jade, Jade Couture and Jasmine Black Label the color options are endless. versatile_1 Jasmine Black Label M180015 (upper left) Jacket MJ6001 (lower left) Jade J185010 (right) Versatility: Never going to wear that expensive gown again? Maybe you will. Many of the Jade, Jade Couture, and Jasmine Black Label gowns can go from day wear to evening wear and back again very easily. Need to dress up that little black dress? Add a jacket. Wearing sequins for the wedding? Remove the jacket and you have a less formal option for another social occasion. Jackets, shawls and wraps are great add on accessories that can be purchased separately in matching and complimenting fabrics. details_1 Jade Couture K188004 (left) Jasmine Black Label M180002 (upper left) Jade Couture K188003 (lower left) Details: We have often heard Mothers say "...Mother's gowns are so boring". Rest assured that is not the case with the stunning gowns offered by Jade, Jade Couture and Jasmine Black Label. These gowns have details galore. Body hugging shapes, fine beading, and show stopping details are just a few of the reasons these gowns are not only our personal favorites, but also our best-sellers. You can not find spectacular gowns like these at the department stores. flattering_1 Flattering Styles: Why do we love Jade, Jade Couture and Jasmine Black Label gowns so much? Above all else: they look great. The number one factor for choosing a gown is looking and feeling your best in it. These gowns offer the best styles for showcasing your best features, or hiding your least favorite. Quality, craftsmanship, and details come together to bring you the most flattering styles for every shape and size. Not finding what you want at any other stores? Not surprising. Michelle's Bridal and Tuxedo is the only local store to bring you the exclusive styles from Jade, Jade Couture and Jasmine Black Label.

Like what you see? Michelle's Bridal and Tuxedo is hosting a four day Mother's Event featuring the new Spring Collections shown here from April 21st through April 24th. These exclusive gowns will only be available to try on and purchase for this limited time, so make an appointment today to bring all the special Mothers in your life. 

Call 217-384-7914 for an appointment or request one here.


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