September Diamond Bride

September Diamond Bride

September Diamond Bride. Mobile Image

Sep 09, 2014

nickMari Anne Brocker and Nick Curry

How they met: At Route 45 Wayside in Pesotum.

How he proposed: On christmas morning by hanging the ring inside the front door and asking me to check if the paper had been delivered yet. It took some persuading since I was adamant the paper wasn't delivered on Christmas morning. The perfect present and made Christmas extra magical that year!

Theme: Classic, golden twinkle

Why you chose Michelle's: I chose Michelle's because we love the Schweighart family and each and every staff member goes out of their way to make every appointment special. I never felt rushed even when we just stopped in to check on something and the place was super busy. In every moment, my bridal party or I was the priority. Cassidy took special care to call or send pictures of accessories or styles she thought would complete my look long after the actual appointment had ended. In short, the staff are professional, thoughtful, fun and accommodating.

Part you are most looking forward to: celebrating with those we care about most. I've always dreamed of a fall wedding and I cannot wait to confirm my commitment to my best friend and partner at my Alma Mater in October

Colors: Ivory, Champagne and Gold

Wedding Date: October 18th, 2014

Venue: Alice Campbell Alumni Center on UI Campus