Taking the Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue to the Next Level

Taking the Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue to the Next Level

Taking the Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue to the Next Level. Mobile Image

Nov 20, 2013

By Guest Blogger Morgan Gray; Maid of Honor to-be and current customer of Michelle's Bridal & Tuxedo

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. Its an age-old adage, but the words are still heavily incorporated into the brides special day, from what she wears, to what she carries with her down the aisle. Brides are always trying to find fun and creative ways to do this classic rhyme justice. As my sisters newly appointed maid of honor, I wanted to give this timeless saying a modern twist, by incorporating it into the style, décor, and fashion details of the entire night.


Style & Décor

We decided that we would start with an old meets new theme when it came to styling the wedding ceremony and reception. Because my sister wants to keep the guest list small, well only need to accommodate about seventy people. We decided it would be fun to find antique or second-hand chairs to use for the outdoor ceremony, which will be held in our parents garden. The wedding will be in late spring, so the garden will be in full bloom with brand new blossoms. The oldness of the chairs paired with the new life of the plants and flowers will make a beautiful setting for the ceremony, and will certainly take care of the something old and something new.

wedding style_1

Décor doesn't stop with just the decorations; it extends across all of the wedding details, including the food. I encouraged my sister to think outside of the box when it came to her wedding cake, and we came up with a creative way to incorporate something borrowed and something blue. Our grandmother makes the most incredible blueberry pie, so I suggested we borrow her recipe and ask our pastry chef to make a wedding cake inspired by it. Itll give the traditional treat a wedding twist, and our grandmother will be thrilled that her recipe will cover both the something borrowed and something blue.

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Fashion is a huge part of any wedding, and my sister wants her maids to wear something comfortable yet unique, while still incorporating the age-old saying. Instead of selecting solid blue gowns for the maids to wear, we decided to mix it up a bit and pick white dresses that feature a blue floral pattern. To take this something blue to the next level, I thought my sister could get her girls a sweet and memorable gift that is both old and new. I suggested she check out RedEnvelopes wedding gift page, which features a wide variety of jewelry options that would be a great addition to any bridesmaid ensemble. There are plenty of pieces to choose from, and my sister can purchase whichever jewels fit her style best. I then suggested we get the pieces engraved with a saying or inside joke that is shared only between my sister and her maids. This way, shell be giving her bridesmaids a beautiful gift that cherishes their longtime friendship, fully encapsulating the old meets new theme of the entire event. The bridesmaids are sure to love it, and guests will be impressed with our creative uses of a saying that, while old, can still be made new.

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